Common Issues With Cast Iron Pipes

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Common Issues With Cast Iron Pipes

Are you living in a home built before the 1970s? Chances are, you still have cast iron pipes, and they are nearing the end of their service life. These pipes used to be popular among homeowners due to their durability; however, they have some drawbacks that cause them to deteriorate fast and require sewer repair services in Sarasota, FL. Read on as Bullseye Home Services list the common problems with these pipes:

1. Leaks

The older the cast iron pipe, the more persistent the leaks are. Leaks are usually caused by wear and tear, tree root intrusion, and damage caused by sulfuric acid. Depending on the extent of the leaks, we may perform trenchless sewer pipe line repair to restore the system into like-new condition.

2.  Corrosion

Cast iron pipes rust as they age. Over time, the rust flakes will slow down water flow, eroding the metal and increasing the chances of corrosion. Corrosion manifests itself through the disintegration of pipes, interior scaling, cracks in horizontal sections, and more. You can mitigate these problems by having a qualified plumber in Sarasota, FL perform regular drain cleaning and prompt repairs.

If you’re guilty of using store-bought drain cleaners, the pipes will corrode faster because they contain harsh chemicals. In this case, we may need to replace sewer line with PVC, which is resistant to corrosion.

3.  Tree Roots

Aging cast iron pipes eventually crack, allowing trees to grow inside and create a blockage. As a result, sewage backs up into your drains, which calls for emergency plumbing and sewer line repair. You shouldn’t wait for this to happen, as not only can it cause extensive damage to your home, but it can also pose health hazards to your family.

If you suspect that your home still uses cast iron pipes, reach out to Bullseye Home Services immediately for an in-depth inspection. We will assess every part of your sewer system, pinpoint existing issues that require urgent attention, and determine if you will need a sewer line replacement soon. Contact us today to schedule a service visit.


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