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Out of sight and out of mind, the sewer system receives few of our cares. Although, when it does have issues, then often, we give it full attention. Caution should be taken with a DIY fix since it’s possible to cause more damage. Bullseye Home Services can help if you need a plumber in Port Charlotte, FL.

Drain Backups

The most obvious and alarming sign you are in need of more than a quick sewer line repair is seen in the sink and bathtub drain. This is the path of least resistance since a clog prevents water flow to its normal designation. Prior to a backup, a noticeable drain noise will give away potential problems. Gurgling and bubbling sounds present a clog as the water attempts to bypass it. Slow drainage can occur as well. It is recommended to speak with a professional prior to using products not safe for your particular piping.

Obnoxious Smell

A break in the sewer line can give multiple indications. The odor will get quick notice as unsanitary water makes its way to the surface. A likely cause is tree roots that have penetrated the line in search of water, and you may need a sewer line replacement. The odor is a cause for concern and shouldn’t be ignored since a potential health risk is underway.

Trees in neighborhoods beyond fifty years of age are more prevalent. If this is the case, a trained professional is suited to make the sewer pipe line repair.

Green Patches

A sign that calls for more investigation is an odd patch of grass. The grass will be greener, thicker, or grow faster due to increased water. Have a professional check it out before deciding to replace sewer line.

At Bullseye Home Services, our team can assist you whenever you need sewer repair services in Port Charlotte, FL. We can provide prompt and cost-effective solutions to any sewer-related issue that you may have. From repair to replacement, we can be of significant help.

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