What Causes Sewer Blockages
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Sewer blockages can occur for a number of reasons. Bullseye Home Services is the leading local plumber in Sarasota, FL  and the surrounding areas. We are experienced at finding and repairing the problem, whatever the cause may be. Here are some of the top causes of clogs in your sewer system:

Pouring Waste Down the Drain

Most clogs requiring sewer line repair in Sarasota, FL originate in the home. Waste from the bathroom and food and kitchen debris, including pouring excessive grease down the drain, can cause buildup in the sewer line that leads to a blockage.

Overgrown Tree Roots

The invasion of tree roots in your pipes can also create a blockage. Trees and shrubs will seek out sources of water during dry seasons and small roots can detect the presence of water through older clay and metal pipes. Over time, these roots will work themselves through the pipe joints into the pipe itself. This can cause both blockage and damage to the pipes so be sure to call for sewer pipe line repair in Sarasota, FL as soon as possible. 

Old/Broken Pipes

Older pipes can collapse as they age, which creates a blockage in the line that can be accompanied by a leak. The only solution in this instance is to remove the broken/collapsed sections and replace them with new pipes. If you need to replace sewer line in Sarasota, FL, the experienced professionals at Bullseye Home Services are here to help.

Regardless of the reason for the blockage, residents should always contact a licensed plumber to handle any type of sewer problem. Over-the-counter drain cleaners are ineffective for these types of issues, and only a qualified professional can evaluate your system and provide sewer repair services in Sarasota, FL.

Whether you need repair or sewer line replacement in Sarasota, FL, turn to Bullseye Home Repair. We have the experience and know-how to address the problem quickly and get your life flowing smoothly again. Schedule an appointment today.


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