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A sewer backup can cause you a great deal of trouble. This is why Bullseye Home Services advises you to make routine plumbing maintenance a top priority. An experienced plumber in Bradenton, FL, from our team can help you to avoid a big headache. Here are some of the adverse effects of sewer backups.

Property Damage

When experiencing a sewer backup, property damage becomes a big concern. Your walls, floors, and insulation can all suffer water damage. The cost to fix the destruction could be more expensive than you think. To limit damage, you’ll need to seek our team for sewer repair services in Bradenton, FL, as soon as possible.

Exposure to Bacteria

Sewage is a definite health hazard. It can contain a wide range of different contaminants, including salmonella. Among the most troubling symptoms include bloody stool, vomiting, and diarrhea. You definitely don’t want to put your family at risk of getting sick. After tracking down the cause of your backup, a plumber may find that you need sewer line repair.


A sewer backup can foster the growth of mold. This fungus thrives in moist conditions. Aside from worsening asthma problems, mold can also cause families to experience flu-like symptoms. Don’t wait to take action. There’s a good chance you’ll need to replace sewer line.

Embarrassing Smell

Very few things smell worse than a sewer backup. The stench can linger on your property for days at a time. This creates a potentially embarrassing situation. Guest to your home will immediately notice the must odor. You’re also bound to get a few complaints from your neighbors. Sewer pipe line repair may be the only solution.

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