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A sewer problem isn’t something you can ignore. When you have a leak, backup or other issue, it’s important to schedule a prompt sewer pipe line repair in Osprey, FL. At Bullseye Home Services, our experienced plumbers can quickly identify the problem and provide you with an effective solution. Read on to learn about the signs you need sewer repair services.


If your yard has a soggy area, this could be from a sewer line leak. The area above the leak could be muddy or squishy when you walk on it. It’s also possible that the grass over the area will grow more quickly and vibrantly than the grass in other parts of your yard. If you notice a muddy area near where your sewer line runs, you’ll need sewer repair services in Osprey, FL.

Foul Odor

Broken sewer lines allow raw sewage to leak. If you notice a smell of sewage, and it’s not from dog feces or a compost bin, get in touch with a professional for sewer line repair in Osprey, FL.

Sewage Backup

If sewage backs up through your home’s main drain, you might need to replace sewer line in Osprey, FL. This is also the case if sewage backs up into any of your plumbing fixtures.

Gurgling Sounds

When gurgling sounds come from your plumbing fixtures or main drain, you might need a sewer line replacement in Osprey, FL. This can be determined by a professional through a video inspection. While most of the time a simple drain cleaning can solve the problem, if the issue persists after a thorough clean, your sewer line might need to be replaced.

Bullseye Home Services is the trusted plumber in Osprey, FL providing quality solutions to a range of plumbing problems. We’ll give you an honest assessment of the problem and recommend a cost-effective repair or replacement. Contact Bullseye Home Services today and schedule an appointment with our team.


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