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Clogged kitchen drain

All homeowners encounter a clogged pipe at some point, and while you may be tempted to clear the blockage yourself, we highly advise against this. Bullseye Home Services doesn’t recommend the use of chemical drain cleaners, as they have several risks. The best way to handle a severe blockage is to hire a licensed plumber in Venice, FL. Here’s why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners at all costs.

Health Risks

You must be extremely careful when using chemical drain cleaners. The toxic ingredients in them have the potential to cause third-degree burns. Furthermore, simply inhaling the powerful fumes can cause breathing problems. Professional drain cleaning in Venice, FL is by far the best way to bust open a clog.

Damage to Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners are designed to break down residue by creating heat. Unfortunately, this heat can cause pipes to warp. Repeated use of these products can corrode your pipes and make them more prone to leaking. Help extend the life of your plumbing with professional drain cleaning services in Venice, FL.

Poor Results

Don’t be fooled by the claims made by companies that manufacture chemical drain cleaners. These products rarely live up to the hype. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a really stubborn clog. Call a drain cleaning company in Venice, FL to help you get rid of clogs in your plumbing system for good.

Damage to Your Septic Tank

If you have an underground septic tank, think twice before using chemical drain cleaners. Septic tanks rely on natural bacteria to decompose your household’s waste. However, the toxins in chemical drains cleaners can kill the bacteria.

Effects on the Environment

Chemical drain cleaners can leak seep into the ground, thus hurting the ecosystem. Drain snaking in Venice, FL is a far more effective and more eco-friendly method for getting rid of pesky clogs.

If you are dealing with a clogged drain in Venice, FL, contact Bullseye Home Services. Feel free to schedule an appointment with our team.


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