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Hiring a plumber can be a bit daunting. Are you hiring the right one? Is the price right? Can they do the job? If you have these questions but not the answers, Bullseye Home Services, the premier plumbing company in Osprey, FL, recommends hiring someone based on the following:


  • Licensing, Insurance, Bonding. Never hire a plumber in Osprey, FL that doesn’t have a current Florida license, full insurance, and a contractor’s bond. All of those items are there to protect you in case something happens on the job.



  • Job Cost. Ask for a written estimate. Also, inquire whether the estimate is based on a flat rate or hourly one. A flat rate means the cost won’t change even if the job takes longer than expected. Hourly rates means the job cost will vary based on how long the work takes. Ask if cleanup is included in the cost of plumbing repairs in Osprey, FL.



  • Payment Requirements. When does the plumber require payment? If they expect full payment before the work begins, walk away. Payment for small jobs should be after the work is done. For larger projects, you would only need to pay a certain amount upfront, with succeeding payments given after certain milestones.



  • Warranty. Will the plumber come back to make repairs if something breaks on the work done? Many plumbing companies will come back up to a year after. Some won’t guarantee their work at all. Always ask and get it in writing.



  • References. Anyone who has been providing plumbing services in Osprey, FL should be able to provide references when asked. Contact each reference and ask about the quality of work done. Also, check out online reviews to see what past customers have to say about their services.


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