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A slab leak is a type of leak that affects pipes under a slab foundation, like what’s normally found under a home without a basement or crawlspace. If you’re not sure if you need to contact a plumber in Osprey, FL from Bullseye Home Services about a slab leak, here are some warning signs that suggest it’s a good idea to take this step.

Higher-Than-Usual Water Bills

One of the telltale signs suggesting you may need water leak repair in Osprey, FL involving a slab leak is utility bills that are unusually high. Compare your recent utility bills to previous ones to see if there are unusual spikes. If there’s no clear reason, a leak is usually the culprit.

Water Pressure Changes

At the very least, it’s time for water leak detection in Osprey, FL if you are experiencing drops in water pressure. If the leak is under your slab, you may notice pressure fluctuations when you use your various plumbing fixtures, like your sink or shower faucets. Pressure changes can vary in intensity based on the extent of the leak.

Running Water and Other Signs

You could also need slab leak repair in Osprey, FL if you are hearing sounds of running water. However, since the sounds associated with a slab leak are from pressurized water, you may think the water is inside your walls and not underneath your home. This is one of the reasons why professional slab leak detection is so important.

Also, be mindful of other signs of a slab leak that might include warm spots on your floor, mildew smells and mold growth, and damp carpets. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to call a professional for leak detection services in Osprey, FL right away.

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