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A clogged drain is among the most common plumbing issues we encounter at Bullseye Home Services. In many instances, the problem stems from a lack of regular cleaning. Here are the main ways drains can get clogged.

Toilet Paper Buildup

Many people prefer using super-soft toilet paper. Unfortunately, this thick tissue is more likely to cause a messy toilet backup. Antibacterial wipes and paper towels put an even greater strain on your plumbing system. Our drain cleaning services are best complemented by only using one-ply toilet paper, which is far easier to flush.


When showering and bathing, your body can shed a surprising amount of hair. As follicles start to collect inside your pipes, the chances of a clog developing increase dramatically. A large hairball will ultimately require you to call a plumber in Sarasota, FL, from Bullseye Home Service. To help prevent problems, it’s advisable to install drain hair catchers.

Mineral Buildup

Some households have hard water, which contains an excessive amount of natural minerals. Calcium and magnesium deposits are often left behind. While the sediment isn’t a danger to your health, it does increase the likelihood of a clog. By using a process called hydro jetting, our drain cleaning company can completely remove pipe-clogging deposits. You should also consider the installation of a water softener.

Food Waste

At some point, most homeowners will experience a clogged kitchen sink. Food waste is usually the culprit. Coffee grounds and vegetable peelings are extremely difficult to break down. However, grease can be an even bigger problem. While some homeowners try to bust open the clog using liquid drain cleaners, this isn’t a good idea. The chemicals in these products can seriously damage your plumbing system. Your best bet is to seek our help for professional drain cleaning in Sarasota, FL.

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