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Which Water Treatment Option is Right for You?

January 15, 2024

Water quality problems can jeopardize your family’s health. Unfortunately, studies show that most people are completely unaware that their household’s water is contaminated. Which water treatment option is right for you? Let’s take a look at the key options for your water treatment system in Sarasota, FL, courtesy of Bullseye Home Services:

  • Water Filtration – A water filtration system is a great investment for any homeowner. By removing mercury and other toxins from the water, it’ll help create a safer environment for your family. After the installation of a water filtration system, you can also expect the taste of your drinking water to improve. No longer will you need to spend extra money buying bottled water. Even more, these types of treatment systems only require a minimum amount of maintenance. The most important step is to regularly change the filter element.
  • Water Purification – You can further protect your family by taking advantage of our water purification services here at Bullseye Home Services. A semi-permeable membrane enables a water purifier to capture even the smallest of contaminants. This means there will be fewer impurities in the water, including sickness-causing pathogens. With the recent spread of the flu and coronavirus, many homeowners will greatly appreciate the extra peace of mind.
  • Water Softener – Hard water is a condition encountered by many homes that use well water. It typically stems from calcium and magnesium levels being too high. These minerals contribute to a number of different issues. Not only can hard water clog pipes, but it can also dry out your skin. Dingy laundry is yet another problem that results from having hard water. Water softeners installation often proves to be a great solution.
  • Water Conditioner – Although a water conditioner is similar to a water softener, there’s a key difference. Water conditioning services help get rid of algae and bacteria, which tend to collect on surfaces. The ultimate goal is to prevent scale buildup.

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