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Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair in Bradenton, FL

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Sewer Repair in Bradenton, FL

We’re here for all of your plumbing, drain, and sewer repair and installation needs. As the trusted local leader in plumbing, you can count on us to hit the mark every time! 

If you’re in need of service, or would like to schedule an estimate, please call us at 941-259-6767 or fill out an online service request form.

No one wants to deal with a sewer problem. But if it happens to you, you can count on the experts at Bullseye Home Services to repair the issue and restore your peace of mind.

As a locally owned and operated company, we have years of experience providing quality plumbing and sewer services across southwest Florida. Thanks to our industry expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we can tackle any sewer problem effectively and efficiently.  

Whether you need a minor fix or major sewer repair in Bradenton, FL, call Bullseye Home Services today at (941) 877-5575 or contact us online. 

Professional Sewer and Plumbing Services in Bradenton

Located between Tampa and Sarasota, Bradenton is surrounded by water on Florida’s West Coast. The Gulf of Mexico, the Manatee River, Palma Sola Bay, and Sarasota Bay are just a few of the saltwater and freshwater options for Bradenton residents to enjoy.

But if there’s one place no one wants to see water, it’s backing up into their home. If you’ve noticed slow-draining sinks, foul-smelling wet spots on your lawn, or black liquid coming up through your toilet or shower, it’s time to call the experts at Bullseye Home Services for sewer repair in Bradenton, FL.

Common Causes of Sewer Backups

Sewers back up for all sorts of reasons that may be located inside your house, in your yard, or miles away.

  • Clogs: Flushing inappropriate items — including paper towels, baby wipes, sanitary products, and diapers — down toilets can cause blockages. Pouring grease down drains or grinding large amounts of starchy foods in your garbage disposal can also create backups.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots seek out the moisture and fertilizer in sewer lines, moving or breaking your pipes in the process. Careful landscaping can help, but even the roots of faraway trees sometimes infiltrate pipes.
  • Aging pipes: While sewer systems can last many decades, they are vulnerable to normal wear and tear. Older clay pipes are particularly susceptible to damage from shifting soil and tree infiltrations.
  • Municipal malfunctions: Heavy rainfall or other problems with the city’s sanitary main can cause sewage to back up into your home.

The Benefits of Prompt Sewer Repair 

Upon first realizing you may have a sewer problem, you might hope it goes away by itself. You may even attempt a DIY fix to try solving the problem on your own.

However, there are significant benefits to calling for immediate professional sewer repair in Bradenton, FL:

  • Preventing severe damage: Prompt service can prevent minor issues from causing major damage. For example, a slightly misaligned sewer line can quickly collapse, which is more difficult and time-consuming to fix.
  • Avoiding health hazards: Sewer backups pose various health risks, including mold infestations, bacterial infections, and respiratory irritation. The more quickly you call, the more quickly we can address the issue.
  • Saving time:  We can often correct minor issues in minutes or hours, whereas problems that are allowed to fester may take days or weeks to fix. 
  • Saving money: Investing a little in professional service now saves you a lot in the long run. Prompt repairs could prevent you from having to replace existing pipes, flooded floors, or damaged furniture.
  • Improving system performance: We diagnose the problem with camera inspection technology before completing any repair. In addition to helping us identify your current issue, we can spot other problems you may not know about.

Contact Bullseye Home Services Today

If you’re looking for quality repairs, quick service, upfront pricing, and clear communication, call the pros at Bullseye Home Services. Our number one goal is to get your sewer system back online so you can resume your normal life.

To schedule a routine maintenance call or emergency repairs, call us today at (941) 877-5575

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my sewer back up when I do laundry?

If your drains overflow or toilets back up when you do laundry, you likely have a large clog in your sewer drainpipe. If you notice this problem, stop using your water and call Bullseye Home Services for urgent sewer repair in Bradenton, FL.

Is a sewer backup a health hazard?

While the risks depend on the severity of the problem and any pre-existing conditions you have, sewage water contains potentially dangerous contaminants. If you have a backup, try to minimize exposure and address the problem immediately. 

What is trenchless sewer repair?

Unlike traditional sewer repair methods, trenchless methods can fix, remove, or replace existing sewer pipes without digging. Common trenchless techniques include pipe lining and pipe bursting. 

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  • Great company with really great customer service. Recently had them install a hot water tank which was delivered and installed wonderfully. Had a drain clog fixed by their tech Josh which was fantastic very informative.

    – Florida Traveler
  • We just had Courtney inspect our back flow device. She was very polite, knowledgeable in her trade and very pleasant. She is definitely an asset to your company.

    – Brian H.
  • We own a small business on St. Armand’s circle. They came out, figured out where the issue stemmed from, same day as our service call, and had a game plan for repairs by the end of the day. Very friendly and professional. We highly recommend this company for whatever your needs are. They will not disappoint!

    – Bennington Tobacconist
  • After a major plumbing and waste failure, we contacted Bullseye to evaluate what had failed. They responded quickly and were able to determine that everything needed to be completely replaced. They quickly got a plan, pricing and crews in place to replace the waste lines and to re-pipe the house.

    – Ron P.
  • Called on a Saturday morning and spoke to Adriana. We had a clogged toilet. She was very kind and professional . She said someone would be able to come out today. Was so thankful for that. Nicholas was our service man. He was awesome. Very nice and polite and explained everything to us as far as price.

    – Sherri H.
  • The Office Staff was very friendly, followed up quickly. They sent their Technician Kyle out the same day to give us an estimate. He is informative and knowledgeable. His suggestions were very helpful. Kyle showed up the next day on time and performed quality work. He definitely takes pride in his work. I highly recommend this company.

    – Paul D.
  • They were prompt and very courteous.
    They installed my water heater with great professionalism and accuracy. and then explained all the parts and pieces of the water tank to me in a way this non-plumber lady could understand. Big Bonus… they are super nice guys too! Keep up the excellent work!

    – Charlene H.
  • Not only would we recommend them to our friends & neighbors to use, but we will use them again ourselves when needed. We would like to especially thank Kyle for all that he did and the way in which he handled everything. Someone needs to give that man a raise!

    – Donna S.
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