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Rich in “harsh” minerals like calcium, magnesium, and silica that can leave stains and cause other problems, hard water is one reason why you might need to contact a plumber in Venice, FL. Bullseye Home Services recommends water conditioners and water softeners as effective ways of addressing water hardness issues.

But there are some differences between these two systems you’ll want to know about as you consider water purification services in Venice, FL. Below, you’ll find the key differences between water conditioners and water softeners.

How a Water Conditioner ‘Conditions’ Water

A water conditioner works by manipulating “hard” minerals in a liquid solution. A water filtration system in Venice, FL that works this way doesn’t replace the unwanted minerals. Instead, it keeps them from getting to the surface. This is done by creating what’s called a catalytic reaction.

Because calcium, magnesium and silica are actually beneficial to humans, investing in water conditioning services in Venice, FL is worth considering since it won’t eliminate these minerals entirely from your water. What it does instead is keep them from harming your pipes and fixtures. Some water conditioners also minimize issues with biological contaminants or deactivate them altogether. 

How a Water Softener ‘Softens’ Water

A traditional water filtration system that operates as a water softener works by completely removing calcium, magnesium and silica ions. These ions are replaced with salt through a process referred to as an ion exchange. Negatively-charged beads in a resin bed attract the positively-charged ions in the “hard” minerals in water so they can be removed.

Before you go ahead and reach out to use about water softeners installation in Venice, FL, realize there will be some upkeep on your end. With a traditional softener, you’ll need to periodically add bags of salt to your system to recharge the resin beds. Even so, a top-quality water softener system can be effective and efficient.

Treat Yourself to Properly Treated Water Today

The seasoned team from Bullseye Home Services will gladly help you sort through your options with water treatment systems in Venice, FL since each system is designed to achieve specific goals. Regardless of what option you prefer, a properly installed water treatment system can leave you with a steady stream of healthier, softer water. Schedule an appointment with our team at a time most convenient to you.


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