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Water condition is a means of clearing impurities from source water and a solution offered by Bullseye Home Services, a leading provider of plumbing, air conditioning, and water purification services in Venice, FL. In effect, water conditioning covers the processes of water purification and water softening.

The Water Softening Process

Water softening is among the water treatment systems in Venice, FL that remove TDS, or totally dissolved solids. This leads to hard water, which can be harmful to appliances, hair, and skin and plumbing. Leading causes of hardened water are magnesium, iron, and calcium.

To clear them, water softeners installation in Venice, FL relies on something known as ion exchange, in which water percolates through resin beads. These exchange a pair of potassium or sodium ions for a magnesium or calcium ion present in the water.

The Importance of Water Purification

The next process used in a water filtration system in Venice, FL is water purification. This process is recommended at outlets for drinking water to conserve chlorine present in the water for other household processes. 

The most common methods of water purification we take note of during water conditioning services in Venice, FL are reverse osmosis and carbon absorption.

Carbon Absorption – Due to its ability to clear bad tastes and smells from water, this process uses activated carbon to remove the majority of gases and chemicals, including chlorine, and even microorganisms.

Reverse Osmosis – This economical process can clear almost all bacteria, particles, and organics with an R/O membrane. However, to get one gallon of drinking water requires almost three gallons to start. Because of the low practicality, reverse osmosis is typically employed at kitchen sinks and refrigerators.

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