Tips on Keeping Your Drains Clean and Clear

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Tips on Keeping Your Drains Clean and Clear

People only pay attention to their drains once they stop functioning or show signs of problems. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Drains clog up at some point, resulting in costly damage if left unattended for too long.

Fortunately, Bullseye Home Services is here to help you with drain cleaning in Sarasota, FL, and nearby areas. We share some tips on keeping your drains free-flowing.

Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

It may seem safe to dispose of fat, oil, and grease down the drain because they are liquid. However, they solidify in your pipes once they cool down, causing clogs and backups, which may require more than drain snaking to fix. Dispose of these substances properly by throwing them in the trash bin instead. 

Don’t Ignore the Red Flags

Besides slow drainage, there are other warning signs you should look out for. This includes gurgling sounds when flushing the toilet, foul odors coming from the drains, and recurring clogs. Once you notice any of these red flags, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber in Sarasota, FL, from Bullseye Home Services for an in-depth inspection.

Make Maintenance a Habit

Like any part of your home, your drains require routine maintenance to keep them in excellent condition. You may seek professional drain cleaning services to get ahead of any underlying problems and ensure smooth drainage for a long time.

Use Drain Guards

Drain filters are inexpensive yet effective tools in preventing a clogged drain by trapping dirt, hair, soap scum, food residue, and other debris. You can use them in sinks, showers, and tubs.

As your premier drain cleaning company, Bullseye Home Services is here to help you keep your drains in the best shape possible for years to come. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!


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