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The Expert in Water Treatment Services in Port Charlotte, FL

Trust an expert plumber in Port Charlotte, FL, from Bullseye Home Services to help you with water purification services for your household’s needs. You might have hard water, or the water might not smell very good. Some people want a filter for their well water, or they want to add a filter to make drinking water palatable. No matter what your reason is to need water treatment, our team can resolve the issue right away

Types of Water Treatment

When you want to get water treatment services in Port Charlotte, FL, you can use one of several systems. You can ask questions about these systems, or you might want to use a combination of these systems depending on your situation or the layout of the house.

  • Water Filtration is a basic system that captures all the water before it comes into the house. Most water filtration systems have a filter that is very easy to replace.
  • Water Conditioning systems are often more powerful, but they simply refer to any water treatment system you want to use. You could get a water conditioner for the house, or you could put a water conditioner on the shower or washing machine because your water is discoloring the appliance.
  • Water Softeners are used when you have hard water. You could have this device installed because you have well water, or it could be used in combination with a filter. The softener helps remove the hardness of the water, and the filter will make the water easier to drink.
  • Water Purification systems are often very powerful, and they can be installed anywhere in the house. You could attach a water purifier to your fridge, or you could have a large tank installed where the water enters the house.

Our Other Solutions at Bullseye Home Services

We offer more than water softeners installation. Call us any time for the following plumbing services:

  • General Plumbing including spigot repair, pipe leaks, and small pipe replacements.
  • Drain Cleaning including drain snaking, lime descaling, and drain cover repair.
  • Sewer Repair is needed when you have leaks outside the house. Contact us if your sewer bill is rising, or you have sewage on your lawn.
  • Water Heater Repair should be done when you no longer get hot water or the water does not flow properly.
  • Water Leak Repair involves an inspection of the house. We will find the leak, repair the problem, and explain how you can avoid those problems in the future.

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When you live in the following areas, you can reach us for any service listed here. We will send a trained technician to your home, and we will make sure that you get the service you need.

Call Bullseye Home Services today or fill out our form to reach out to our friendly staff. Let our team provide you with the water treatment services you need immediately.


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