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Blown-In/Attic Insulation Service in Port Charlotte, FL

Bullseye Home Services is your plumber and air conditioner specialist in many areas in Florida. Proper insulation is one of the factors for how well your air conditioning system will work. This is particularly true of attic insulation because the attic tends to get hot and that heat can get into your living space. It is important to have blown-in insulation in Port Charlotte, FL because you need to keep out attic heat. When you are trying to air condition your living space, it is important to keep the heat out as much as possible. 

This is why having blown-in insulation services is so important. Without it, the heat in the attic will get through quicker increasing the energy you use to cool your home.

Common Issues in the Attic

The most common issue with attics is heating. As the sun shines on the roof, particularly with black tiles, the inside can heat up. Without a roof vent, this hot air gets trapped, causing it to get warmer. This heat reduces the life of the roof. The heat will also seep into the house warming up the interior and making the air conditioner less effective.

What is Blown-In Insulation?

Blown-in insulation is usually loose fiberglass that we blow into hard to reach areas like an attic. While batt insulation can be used in an attic, we need to roll it out like a blanket making it impractical for post-construction installation. This means that adding insulation to the attic post-construction requires blown-in insulation services. A special machine blows the fiberglass into the attic by pushing it with compressed air.

With our attic insulation services, we will slow the transfer of heat from the attic do the living space. This will help make your home more energy-efficient while reducing the strain on your air conditioner. Blown-in insulation alone does not reduce the temperature inside your attic, but it does reduce the transfer of the heat into your living space.

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