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The Trusted Name in Water Heater Repair in Nokomis, FL

Bullseye Home Services is the premier plumber in Nokomis, FL, and nearby areas. Whenever a homeowner needs professional support related to water issues, they immediately contact us. Part of our range of services is water heater services.

Types of Water Heaters

There are different styles of water heaters, which many homeowners are unaware of when it comes to a potential replacement. The conventional storage tank heater is installed in a majority of homes. They can be either an electric or gas unit. Most of them use electricity with heating elements that warm the water in the storage tank to the desired temperature.

A tankless water heater warms the water on demand. Coils super-heat the water to allow the family to receive hot water almost instantly. Homeowners need to make sure they purchase the correct size to ensure those living in the home have adequate hot water. Our water heater services can inform homeowners of what size will cover their family’s needs.

A heat pump or hybrid model heater uses green energy to supply the heat. This means by the ground or air to reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat. Heat pumps use half the electricity over traditional models.

Solar-powered water heaters rely on the energy from the sun to heat water. The installation of solar panels on roofs help make a solar-powered heater another option for homeowners concerned with green energy.

A condensing water heater is a good alternative for those who use natural gas to cook or heat the home. This unit has a holding tank similar to conventional units. The system funnels heat already used by other heating sources to warm the water to the desired temperature settings. Tanks are available in multiple sizes to fit the family’s needs.

Water Heater Problems

Problems can happen at any moment causing homeowners to need a water heater replacement or repair. Most models will outlast the warranty before trouble occurs. Water leaking around the bottom of the unit is a sign a plumber should be contacted to come out to inspect the system.

The family can outgrow the present system at the house. A larger tank could need to be installed to supply the demand for increased hot water usage. The heating elements can burn out on traditional systems causing the water to remain cold. Sediment can build up inside the bottom of tanks to cause the water to look dirty from faucets running in the tub. Contact water heater repair in Nokomis, FL to solve issues with the system.

Our Water Heater Services

We specialize in inspections and repairs for water heating problems in our customer’s homes. We offer our customers professional service. We can discuss any upgrades with hot water systems they might be interested in purchasing. All service work is guaranteed on labor and parts. New water heaters may be covered under the system’s warranty.

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Customers choose us over the others because we are the name they can trust. We offer many other services to homeowners that include:

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