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Reliable Air Conditioning Maintenance in Nokomis, FL

What do each plumber and AC technician from our team have in common? They all understand the importance of maintenance in extending the life of important items that you use every day. At Bullseye Home Services, we are proud to offer reliable air conditioning maintenance in Nokomis, FL, to help keep your air conditioner running strong for many summers to come.

Common Air Conditioning Issues

With multiple components, each of which is made up of multiple smaller components, there are numerous potential failure points in your air conditioner. Fortunately, many of these failure points never cause an issue, even in systems that aren't given the attention they deserve. However, poor maintenance will often show itself in these common issues that could require air conditioning repair or even air conditioning replacement.

A set of dirty evaporator coils is one common issue plaguing poorly maintained air conditioners. This is most commonly caused by using a dirty filter or by going without a filter entirely. Dirty coils can lead to another common issue, which is frozen evaporator coils or a frozen refrigerant line. If the coils cannot wick moisture away as they are designed to, the refrigerant will become super-cooled, leading to frost on the line.

Another common issue that we see in air conditioners is a clogged condensate drain. As humidity is removed from the air, it has to drain out of the system through a drain that takes it out of your home. If the drain is clogged, the condensate will eventually cause major water damage to your air conditioner and your utility room. Finally, low refrigerant is a common problem among air conditioners. This is typically caused by a leak in the refrigerant line that results from a poorly maintained line.

Why Maintenance Is Beneficial

Air conditioner maintenance is a simple and easy way to prevent most common air conditioner problems from occurring. Take dirty evaporator coils, for example. If you have your system regularly maintained, then any dirt that is beginning to accumulate will be noticed by your Bullseye Home Services technician and cleaned before it has a chance to become caked on. This will prevent frozen evaporator coils that will cause your air conditioner to shut down.

Likewise, the main goal of other types of air conditioner maintenance is to catch common problems early so they don't reach their more serious end. We want to make your home as economical as possible, which is why our air conditioning services seek to help you keep your current air conditioner running smoothly rather than requiring a new air conditioning installation.

Air Conditioning Maintenance from Bullseye Home Services

Two things are crucial for quality air conditioner maintenance: experience and equipment. Equipment is important to allow proper testing to be done on your air conditioner to ensure each of its systems are operating properly. Experience is crucial so that any unusual sights, smells, or sounds can be easily noticed by the technician and corrected quickly.

This same approach to excellence is applied to the other areas of service we offer at Bullseye Home Services. Continuing with the air conditioner services, we offer air conditioner repair and installation if you should find yourself with a broken-down system.

Understanding the urgency of some situations, we offer air conditioner services:

On the plumbing side of repair and maintenance, we offer a long list of plumbing services:

  • General Plumbing
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Repair
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Water Treatment Services

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