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Having a plumber and air conditioning expert within the same business provides you with so much convenience as a customer. Being able to have a plumber in Lakewood Ranch, FL, and get air conditioning repair at the same is a benefit the most companies just don’t offer. Saving the customer money and giving them top quality service is what Bullseye Home Services is really all about.

Common Causes of Leaks

There are several common causes of water leaks. One of the reasons for a water leak has to do with having broken seals around the water connectors of the household appliances such as the dishwasher. What happens is that as this appliance gets up in age, these seals will wear out and start leaking. An indication of a broken seal is puddles of water or condensation around the appliance.

Another problem that could lead to a major leak is having a clogged line. Clogs or blockage in the drains or pipes will either cause them to overflow or burst. That usually ends up being an emergency plumbing issue that we need to take care of right away. Plus, when the plumbing system starts to age, corrosion sets in which will eat at the pipes. Keep in mind that there can be several leaks in this area. 

Water leaks around the faucets are not uncommon either. They will also age, and a homeowner will not only notice the leak, but their water bill will be significantly higher than usual. Tree roots play a major part in water leaks because they will invade the underground piping network by cracking them up and start growing within the waterline. This will cause a sinkhole or a constant wet patch of grass that never seems to dry out.

Water Leak Repair from Bullseye Home Services

Bullseye Home Services advises clients to be careful with water pressure because it can also do some damage to the pipes and cause leaks. Pipes and faucets can only handle a certain amount of water pressure and if it becomes too much for them, this is where the damage comes in. Damaged pipe joints can be a very serious issue. Usually, the sign that there may be a leak in this area is the banging noise that comes from the hot water being turned on. Fortunately, this is where our leak detection services come in handy because the leak can’t be seen right off with the naked eye.

When it comes to water leak detection, our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to pinpoint the leak with accuracy so we will be able to fix it. Another service we offer is slab leak repair. Here are our other plumbing and air conditioning services:

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