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Reliable Air Conditioning Maintenance in Bradenton, FL

When it comes to air conditioning services, it pays to rely on Bullseye Home Services. One way we can help is through air conditioner maintenance in Bradenton, FL, and the surrounding areas. We encourage routine AC tune-ups in the local area because this helps our clients avoid the underlying problems from becoming major issues in the future.

Common Air Conditioning Issues

AC problems start when you can hear the unit laboring when you turn it on. The air might be warm, or the unit might smell bad. Your electrical bills might jump for no reason, or you might notice that the air does not come on when you turn down the temperature. Do not keep using your system. Turn it off and call an expert from Bullseye Home Services for help.

Air Conditioning Maintenance from Bullseye Home Services

Maintenance helps put off the premature need for an air conditioning replacement in the short term. Your AC unit will last longer, and it will be more efficient. We can check the fans and the vents if they need to be repaired or replaced before bigger problems crop up. We help you avoid costlier repairs in the future.

Other Services from Bullseye Home Services

Apart from our air conditioner services in Bradenton, FL, you can rely on our experts for a host of plumbing solutions. Take a look at what we offer:


  • General Plumbing - basic repairs, pipe replacement, and fixture repair are offered at any time. You can solve small problems around the house that could turn into bigger or more expensive repairs.
  • Drain Cleaning - we can clean your drains, replace drains, and use hydro jetting to clean your pipes. We use lime descalers to clean your drains, and we use drain snakes when needed.
  • Sewer Repair - we make certain that the sewer pipes around your property are repaired or replaced when needed.
  • Water Heater Repair - we can repair your water heater, and we will replace it if the leak is catastrophic. We can repair the temperature gauge, the valves, and the gas lines that attach to the heater.
  • Water Treatment Services - we offer water treatment and filtration services to anyone with bad tasting water.
  • Water Leak Repair - we can find and repair water leaks quickly. You might have mold growth or you might notice your water bill is rising without any cause.


  • Blown-In/Attic Insulation is advisable when you have an attic. We can spray the insulation into every crevice in the attic to give you full coverage. Plus, blow-in insulation is safer because we do not need to track it through the house.
  • Air Conditioner Repair is needed when you notice your air is not cold or the system does not turn on as it should.
  • Air Conditioner Installation is provided when your old unit is no longer working. Air conditioning installation also helps you put a more efficient unit in the house.
  • Emergency AC Repair is available through our emergency hotline at any time. We can explain what needs to be done, and we can send a technician to your home right away.
  • Duct Cleaning is advisable to keep dust, dirt, and mold out of your ducts. In addition, we can clean the vents and even repair the ducts to restore normal airflow.

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