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Your HVAC system works hard, especially in the warm and humid weather that Sarasota, Florida, and surrounding communities experience. But did you know that your air ducts can collect dirt, debris, mold, and dust that build up over time? If you do a quick internet search about duct cleaning, you might find some articles saying that it isn’t necessary. That information is misleading, so our team of technicians at Bullseye Home Services wants to set the record straight. Keep reading to learn why we believe duct cleaning is necessary. 

What exactly are air ducts?

Your air ducts connect your HVAC system to the vents throughout your home or business. To quickly review, your HVAC system pulls in air via intakes and cools it to the desired temperature. At that point, it is blown through the air ducts, cooling your property. 

How does duct cleaning work?

Air duct cleaning is a type of HVAC maintenance. It includes cleaning and inspecting the supply and return ductwork, registers, fans, and coils. In most cases, a large vacuum attached to brushes is sent through the air ducts to remove debris. 

Do I really need to have my ducts cleaned?

If you search air duct cleaning on the internet, you are going to see conflicting results. Some websites even go as far as to say that there is no need to have your ducts cleaned. That statement is misleading, and we are going to show you why. 

The EPA — the leading environmental agency in the United States — recommends air duct cleaning, especially if someone in your home experiences allergies or mold sensitivities. And the best way to reduce the risk of mold building up in your air ducts is to have them cleaned and inspected regularly. Furthermore, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. 

While there are clear health benefits of scheduling air duct cleanings, it also improves the function of your HVAC system. Without debris clogging the intake and outflow, the system doesn’t have to work as hard. 

Another reason you should schedule a duct cleaning service immediately is if you have recently experienced a rodent or bug infestation. Unfortunately, bugs and rodents often use air ducts to move around your property. So, after calling an exterminator, give Bullseye Home Services a call as well so we can remove any hair or fecal material left by the pests in your air ducts.  

Our Sarasota-based team has extensive training in the best ways to clean air ducts. We utilize the latest advanced equipment to make the process quick and efficient. 

Can’t I do duct cleaning on my own? 

At first thought, it might seem like cleaning your ducts is something you can do on your own. The issue is that most people don’t have the tools to complete the job on their own. For example, most people don’t own industrial-sized vacuums that can reach deep into the air ducts. That means as soon as you turn your HVAC unit back on, the remaining dust and debris will just recontaminate the rest of your air ducts. 

And using the wrong equipment can actually damage your air ducts. Repairing your ductwork is much more expensive than hiring a professional duct cleaning company to clean them in the first place. 

Think of duct cleaning as part of your regular HVAC maintenance to keep your unit running strong year-round. Ready to learn more about duct cleaning? Just call our Sarasota, Florida, office for your free and no-obligation consultation. We will explain the process in detail and can even be on your property to perform the service as soon as the next day. Call now or reach out to our staff online.


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