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Dealing with a clog at home is always stressful. If the problem is bad enough to disrupt your day-to-day activities, it’s time to call a plumber in Port Charlotte, FL from Bullseye Home Services to deal with the blockage. Here are some tips to help prevent clogged drains.

Put Baking Soda or Vinegar Down the Drain

You can clear your drain of gunk and debris by using either baking soda or white vinegar. Both are excellent at loosening up particularly stubborn debris that might be stuck in the drain and are great all-natural cleaning agents. Whichever you use, chase it down with hot water. If this method does not get rid of the clog, call for professional drain cleaning in Port Charlotte, FL right away.

Throw Grease and Oil in the Trash

Grease, oil and coffee grounds should never be put down the kitchen sink drain. They can cause clogs that can lead to huge sewer backups. Pour grease and oil into an old container, let it harden and then throw it away. Meanwhile, coffee grounds should immediately be thrown into the trash. If you accidentally throw these substances down the drain, we highly recommend calling for drain cleaning services in Port Charlotte, FL.

Avoid Flushing These Items

Certain household items should never, ever be flushed down the toilet. This includes even things that may say “Flushable” on their packaging. To avoid the need for drain snaking in Port Charlotte, FL, avoid flushing feminine hygiene products, dental floss, paper towels, cleaning wipes and anything else that is too thick and bulky.

Install a Lint Catcher

Your washing machine naturally collects lint over time with the sheer number of washings you perform. Unfortunately, this might include tissue debris if you happen to forget to check your pockets before throwing in a laundry. To avoid a particularly stubborn clogged drain in Port Charlotte, FL, you should install a lint catcher in your washing machine.

Use a Drain Screen

Use drain screens in your sinks, bathtub and shower. They can catch hair, excess soap and other gunk that might otherwise get down the drain and cause a bad clog and many headaches for you and your family.

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