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Air Conditioning Repair in Sarasota, FL, and Nearby Areas

Our clients understand that we are the leading air conditioning repair service provider where they can hire the top AC repair contractor. To have two specializations in one is something most people don’t see every day. We strive for excellence with our company and look for unique ways to impress the customer courtesy of our AC repair experts.

Common Air Conditioner Issues

There are several issues that would stop the air conditioning unit from working properly. First, there could be dirty filters upon conducting an AC inspection. Depending on the brand or type of filter, these should be changed out every one to three months. If not, the unit will end up freezing. This is part of routine air conditioning maintenance that we can perform if called out to handle the job. Another issue is the thermostat which requires routine checking for cleanliness and to make sure it’s not in direct sunlight. The wiring could have some issues if it’s not connecting with the unit. Coolant could start leaking from the unit and can cause the temperature to fluctuate which is a serious problem that requires immediate air conditioning repair service from our team. Clogs can get into the drain line and cause water to overflow which causes severe damage to the ac unit and anything else surrounding the pan. The evaporator coils can become worn out and corroded that may require more than just AC repair. If any of these situations end up causing a serious problem with the unit that it stops working altogether, we may need to do an air conditioning replacement.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair

If the thermostat is being turned on but is not connecting to the unit, that is a sure sign that repairs are necessary. In addition, pitting and arching on the worn-out contactor will make it extremely difficult for the motor to start by the electric current. Dirty condenser coils that can’t be cleaned with just water only is also a sign that the unit needs AC repair. If the air is on and there is not enough coolness out from it, it could be the compressor. Having a worked-out compressor that is not working or there is too little or too much refrigerant could be the problem after a thorough AC inspection. These are all signs that our air conditioning services are essential for your home right away.

Why Choose Bullseye Home Services

Hiring us to handle everything from air conditioning installations to repairs is the right choice to make. These are the two major components of a home that can get very expensive if problems persist, and we handle them both within our company. Other services we offer include:

  • Blown-In Insulation (Attic)
  • Air Conditioner Installation
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Emergency AC Repair
  • Duct Cleaning

Reach Out to Bullseye Home Services

We handle all kinds of air conditioning repair in Sarasota, FL, and nearby areas. Feel free to call us today to get our air conditioning replacements for yourself if needed. Our AC repair company offers air conditioning maintenance tuneups. You may need our air conditioning installation service if one has not been done. The areas that we provide air conditioning services include: