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Meet the Owner

If you think good service is hard to find, try finding a service company that you’re willing to invest your family’s future on it.

Hello, my name is Allen Crick and I own Bullseye Home Services. I am also the new owner of Leland Plumbing. As you may already know, Leland Plumbing is an amazing company and has been servicing the Cultural Coast for over 65 years. I knew that this was a special place, when I saw first-hand how they live up to the “Cleanest Plumber in Town” motto. The hand selected Plumbers at Leland are all the type of guys you want working in your home. Jay and his brother Charles have served this community well…we all wish them well in retirement.

A quick story to introduce myself. I am the product of a small town in Oklahoma and was raised by amazing parents. In 1974, my father opened up an A/C, heating and appliance shop. He taught me how to take proper care of customers and always do what’s right. He demanded perfection, “always hit a bullseye”. Anytime that I wasn’t in school, church, or playing sports, I was working with my father. I’m so grateful for those days (not so much back then) and love fixing things. I’ve spent the last 30 years serving clients in this industry and couldn’t be happier to be here on the Cultural Coast of Florida embarking on a new venture. So, what’s this mean for you… Well, I’d like to think that you’d just be excited to meet me, but I do know better.

Bullseye Home Services will enhance the service that you have grown to expect from Leland Plumbing. We will be updating our operating system so that we can more quickly serve you with even greater precision than before. We will continue hiring and training perfectionist that can fix anything. Our enhanced service options will include Maintenance Agreements, Air Conditioning, Heating, Water Conditioning, as well as the Plumbing Services that you’ve come to know. Over time, we’ll add other home services that meet the growing needs of our clients. Also, rest assured, that your warranties will be fully serviced and honored by us. We aim to earn your continued trust with every interaction that you have with our company.

We will operate under the name Bullseye Home Services and will always “Aim for Perfection” in serving your needs.

Thank you,

allen crick

Allen Crick
President, Bullseye Home Services

We pride ourselves on being second to none when it comes to providing cutting-edge service for both plumbing and air conditioning in Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding areas. We 100% guarantee our service and strive to go above and beyond in customer satisfaction. When you're looking for a local plumbing or HVAC pro, call on Bullseye!


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