6 Ways to Avoid Slab Leaks

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6 Ways to Avoid Slab Leaks

Nearly all homes have networking pipes running through slab foundations. The pipes may quickly begin to leak. The deep location under concrete could make slab leak repair difficult. Furthermore, leak detection services could be costly. When leaks are not repaired immediately, water waste may be experienced. However, instead of waiting for the slab to begin leaking, you could take the right precautions of minimizing the likelihood of leaks.

Follow these tips from Bullseye Home Services to prevent slab leaks from happening:


  • Use controllable pressure levels


Mostly, people love high levels of water pressure. Nevertheless, excessive pressure may cause your pipes to rapture or weaken. When you detect that your water system has high pressure, get in touch with our team for water leak repair in Sarasota, FL, so we can check the system. We will be sure to make the right adjustments.
Control trees near your house

  1. Trees are highly treasured in home compounds; they offer scenic views and shades. However, when not carefully monitored, they could also cause slab leaks. The roots of the plantation may get under your slab to reach your pipes. Roots are very strong and will easily break the pipes.


  • Regular plumbing inspection


You should not wait until a problem occurs. Through regular water leak detection services, plumbers will identify the likelihood of leaks. Besides, with small leaks, our experts in water leak services departments will prevent further disaster from occurring. For instance, microphone technology will be essential for water leak detection.


  • Learning warning signs of leaking slabs


Unfortunately, most people fail to realize leaking slabs until the problem intensifies. Knowing early signs will help to prevent further damages. For instance, increasing water bills, a sudden drop of pressure, wet carpets or even damaged timber floors are some ways to know the slab is leaking.


  • Know the piped water whether it’s hard or soft


You should inquire about the properties of water before piping it. With this, you can add some additives to soften or correct the situation.
Avoid chemical cleaners


Most people use chemical cleaners in removing clogs. The chemicals have adverse effects on pipes and cause leakages. Rely on Bullseye Home Services instead.

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